Stockport Engagement Shoot

Emily & Gemma get married at Stockport Town Hall next month so here is their Stockport engagement shoot. The girls decided on Reddish Vale as their location. Being a Stockport lad myself it was the first time I’d been asked to do a photo shoot in the Vale, which is surprising as it’s such beautiful place which brings back lots of happy memories from when I was a child.

My grandparents lived just up the road and my Grandad worked, for a time, as a groundsman at Reddish Vale Golf Club. He would take me and my brother, on what seemed like epic adventures through the woods, walking for miles, listening to his stories of the time a real ski slope with real snow was built right in the centre of the vale. Drinking natural spring water from a small well to hydrate ourselves, we even drank it from jam jars people had left there to be used. Health and Safety would have a field day with that today.

Anyway enough of my trip down memory lane and onto Emily & Gemma’s engagement shoot. Great looking girls and naturals in front of the camera. Never batted an eyelid at trudging through the mud and soggy leaves. So I give you this autumn Stockport engagement shoot, this has to be the best time of year for photos. Hope you enjoy.

Stockport Engagement ShootStockport Engagement Shoot