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Manchester Lifestyle Photography

Krishna & Jit had previously booked a Manchester Lifestyle Photography session last summer in Heaton Park. It was to mark their son Adi’s first birthday, then Krishna decided to make it a yearly event. The plan was to meet up again in Heaton Park but Krishna thought a home shoot would be quite nice as the family are moving to Northamptonshire because of Jit’s job as a fire fighter.

I turned up to the house in North Manchester just after the schools had finished and Ari was back home after a hard day’s learning. T first job for Adi was to blow out his candles on the birthday cake. After a big slice of cake was consumed it was then time to open his presents. Next, a kick around of the football and some balloons in the garden before Adi got to play with one of his Lego presents. That was soon interrupted though by the sound of the ice cream van. It was a lovely day so everyone ran out, including me, to get their favourite ice creams. Once they were gobbled up it was back inside the house for a few more shots before it was time for me to go.

Here’s a few in the life of Krishna, Jit, Ari and Adi.

Manchester Lifestyle PhotographyManchester Lifestyle PhotographyManchester Lifestyle PhotographyManchester Lifestyle PhotographyManchester Lifestyle PhotographyManchester Lifestyle Photography

Whatever the Weather

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