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Lyme Park Lifestyle photography in Cheshire

I’d photographed Lorna and her family around a year ago in Lyme Park, you can see the photos here. Lorna then contacted me again for round two. This time all of Lorna’s husband’s family were coming along, 12 of them plus two dogs as well! We met up as usual in Lyme’s car park and took the walk up the hill to The Cage. It was a little chilly out there but the sun was out and you can’t ask for more than that in Autumn. The dogs were enjoying having the freedom to do what dogs do. The children were also giving me the runaround, in the nicest sense of the word.

After a few shots up at The Cage itself we began our descent, I love the photos of the family walking down this hill, with The Cage in the background, they take on a very cinematic feel. On the lower path we used a few of the lone trees as props as we began our walk back to Lyme Hall.

Lyme Park is the ideal location for lifestyle photography, the children can just run wild in the acres of parkland. If you arrange the shoot at the right time (morning or evening) then the chances are we’ll also be joined by Lyme’s herd of Red Deer.

Lyme Park Lifestyle photography in Cheshirelittle boydog photoLyme Park Lifestyle photography in Cheshirefamily at the cageLyme Park Lifestyle photography in CheshireLyme Park Lifestyle photography in Cheshire

If you would like a photo shoot like this for you and your family then why not get in touch and ask about availability? Take a look at my gallery page for more Lyme Park lifestyle photography.

Autumn and Winter is a fantastic time for photos. If it’s dry and the sun is low in the sky and the photos can take on a golden look. If it’s wet, then bright coloured wellies and woolly hats can make the photos pop against a grey sky.