Lifestyle Photo Shoot in Dunham Massey – Allison & Don

Lifestyle Photo Shoot in Dunham Massey

This was my last family lifestyle photo shoot in Dunham Massey of the year. Christmas seems like a long time ago now but I’ve been slacking with my blogs and need to catch up. Allison & Don had seen my photos of other family photo shoots in Dunham and wanted a slice of the action.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dunham is the perfect location for this type of photo shoot, there’s so many different locations in the parkland. From the rustic old farm buildings such as the water mill,  stable block, deer house and slaughter house to the trees, lakes and shrubland.

As usual on these shoots, we met up outside Dunham Hall and took our walk down one of the three main paths. All lead to the same destination and meet up at the end but each has its own hidden gems on the way, which we can use as our backdrops.

Allison had brought along a few props to keep the little ones happy. It’s amazing how a few bubbles can get a smile on their faces. As it was Christmas time, the family donned a Santa hat each and we found a lovely little wooden feeding trough to use as the backdrop.

Allison was expecting her mum to come along but she was delayed slightly and only joined us at the end of the shoot. By then we were near the water mill which is a fantastic old building that photographs so well. Allison and Don wanted a few natural shots of just themselves so mum looked after the children while we spent 5 minutes on these photos.

Here’s a selection of what we came up with, hope you like.

Lifestyle Photo Shoot in Dunham Massey

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