Can’t decide between a big wedding or a small intimate wedding?

intimate wedding

The smallest wedding I have photographed was last year at Stockport Town Hall. Now when it comes to an intimate wedding, Christine & Bernard had it planned to a tee. They were married with just three guests in attendance. It certainly made life easy when it came to the group shots! Seriously though it was a beautiful day and I felt privileged to be part of it. Such a small wedding means you get to celebrate with the people you are closest to, plus it takes away that doubt about inviting people you only see once a year. Another plus is that on the day of the wedding you’ll spend less time talking to everyone and that means more time with your loved ones.

Wedding Budget

When it comes to the all important wedding budget, you can focus more on the quality things rather than looking at quantity and keeping within a tight budget.

When the time is right to start looking for a venue for your intimate wedding, you’ll find it easier to book one which can accommodate you and all of your wedding guests. Plus, the number of small classy venues which are springing up will be in your reach.

All of your guests will feel more involved with the day, they can all contribute if they wish to – planning, making the wedding cake, even performing the role of the DJ. When it comes to the speeches, you won’t be as nervous talking to a handful of people than if you were talking to a room of 150.

Planning the Wedding Day

Planning will be so much easier as well, you won’t need 18 months to sort all of the details out, this will make you so much more relaxed when the big day comes around. You’ll know your guests very well too so can tailor things like food, music and wedding favours to their needs, you’ll find they will really appreciate that. So there you go, a few plus points on having an intimate wedding, hope it helps.

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