Cheshire Family Portrait Photographer – Georgie, Ville & Family

Cheshire Family Portrait Photographer

You may remember Georgie & Ville. I photographed their wedding last year at The Bowdon Rooms in Cheshire just before they headed back home to Finland which is Ville’s home country and Georgie’s as well. When I photographed the wedding, they already had a little daughter, Sophia but she has now been joined by twin boys. Being a Cheshire Family Portrait Photographer means I have lots of options for locations for these types of photo shoot and when Georgie mentioned Dunham Massey as their choice, I had no hesitation in booking them in. We had a short amount of time to schedule a date as the family had come over from Finland to visit family and friends but Ville was flying back before Georgie and the children. Unfortunately even though it was July the weather forecast was not looking great but we all went ahead and met in the courtyard outside Dunham Massey Hall.

Cheshire Photo Shoot

As soon as I took my camera out of the bag the grey skies started unleash a steady light rain. We carried on for a little while but the rain became more persistent and as we sheltered under some large trees we began talking abandoning the shoot and rearranging for the day after. During this time though, a miracle happened and the rain suddenly stopped, the grey skies looked a little whiter and decided to press on. Amazingly we managed to get a full hour of walking, playing and taking photos.

Here’s what we came up with on the day.

Cheshire Family Portrait PhotographerCheshire Family Portrait PhotographerCheshire Family Portrait PhotographerCheshire Family Portrait Photographer

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