Bolton Engagement Photography – Rosie & Liam

It’s not often I venture up to Bolton but Rosie & Liam live there and Moses Gate Park means a lot to them. We met up on quite a soggy morning before setting off for this Bolton Engagement Photography session. I’d first met Rosie & Liam in a coffee shop in Stockport a few months ago when they were planning their wedding, after chatting to them, they booked me and their wedding is fast approaching. They get married in early January in Manchester city centre and then have their wedding reception at LEAF on Portland Street.

Pre wedding photography

The engagement shoot is a nice way of us catching up again and having a chat about how the wedding plans are coming along. Of course, you’ll also end up with a nice selection of shots with no pressure which can only help when the big day comes along.

Moses Gate Country Park Photographer

The park is covers a huge area of 750 acres and is only 3 miles away from Bolton town centre. It has a huge selection of very unusual bridges, which look amazing on the photos, all left there from it’s industrial past. Also running through the park is a canal, some used and some disused which again made for some dramatic backdrops in this photo shoot. Also at this area was another very unusual bridge in the form of a Mechano structure. I’m still not sure what the relevance of Mechano in this park has but I’m sure someone must know. Leave a comment if you do.

Engagement Photography in Greater Manchester

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