This was my second Alma Lodge wedding of the summer. Regular blog readers will remember Sarah and Derrick’s engagement shoot a few weeks ago at Vernon Park in Stockport, the wedding date soon came around and here’s the blog to prove it.The day started for me at Sarah’s house where her and the girl’s were busy getting ready. Then it was off to St Matthews Church which is only two minutes away around the corner. Derrick and the boys looked fantastic in their blue suits and brown brogues and it wasn’t long before the wedding limo rolled up, Sarah entered the church and tears started flowing. I’ve never seen a Groom so emotional.
After the group shots, in the church grounds, family and guests made their way to the Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport for the reception while me, the bride and groom set off for Bramall Park for the portrait shots. Sarah had a little mishap with her garter who’s elastic decided to give way and it dropped to the floor, luckily a old lovely couple who had been watching us found it and handed it back.
After 20 minutes in the park, it was back to the Alma Lodge to be greeted by the guests. The speeches were another emotional part! Derrick, their son Bradley, the two best men, and one of the bridesmaids were all in tears as they spoke but it was a privilege to be part of it.
After the photobooth and first dance it was time to pack up and say my goodbyes but what a day and a wedding I’ll remember for a long time.
There’ll be a separate photobooth gallery appearing here very soon and remeber if you are looking for Alma Lodge wedding photography the get in touch today.