2017 Haworth 1940’s Weekend Photography

2017 Haworth 1940's Weekend

Regular readers will know that I venture up in th’ hills at this time of year. Haworth is the place, Bronte country. It’s not the Bronte’s who bring in the visitors at this event though, it’s the people who take the time to dress up for the 1940’s weekend. Some of the attention to detail is mind boggling.

Every year we’ve attended this event, the weather has always been fantastic but not this time. It rained quite hard at times and it kept quite a few people away unfortunately, including some of my favourite characters. Thankfully though, a lot of the hardy regulars were still out in force and didn’t let the weather put them off. We had to dive for cover in the church for a cuppa though as the drizzle turned to heavy rain. We timed our little picnic in the car just right too. As soon as we started eating, the heavens opened.

It was a challenge at times trying to get the shots, I wanted the photos to recreate the 1940’s which meant no people dressed ‘normally’. So I  had to think about using angles and shielding people out of the shot. Couple this with the rain and sea of umbrellas, I don’t think I did too bad a job.

All these shots are unposed and in the moment, just like my wedding and lifestyle photography, no awakard poses and fake smiles  So if you’d like the same type of photography for your wedding day, why not get in touch and see if I’m available on your date? I look forward to hearing from you.

2017 Haworth 1940's Weekend2017 Haworth 1940's Weekend

So there it is, the 2017 Haworth 1940’s Weekend in photographs, I hope you enjoyed looking through them. If you are interested in seeing more, check out the previous years photos below.