Wedding Questionnaire 1

Please take a moment to fill in this questionnaire so I have all of the latest information and timings, thank you!

For any boxes that aren’t applicable, just type NA.

Please edit this group shot list below and paste in the box above (the list below will take around 20 minutes, so be aware of your timings when adding more). We’ll also need around 20 minutes for the couple shoot.

  1. Bride & groom with her parents
  2. Bride with her parents
  3. Bride & groom with her immediate family (parents & brothers/sisters)
  4. Bride & groom with his parents
  5. Groom with his parents
  6. Bride & groom with his immediate family (parents & brothers/sisters)
  7. Bride with bridesmaids
  8. Groom with groomsmen
  9. Bride & groom with bridesmaids/groomsmen