Walking boots and raincoats at the ready

Diane loved the idea of a photo shoot out on location, without all of the awkward posing that shows in many studio photography shoots. I photograph all of my family shoots like this, just stopping every now and then for a more traditional family portrait photo. That takes some doing though, with 8 adults, 5 children and 2 very excitable dogs. I think you could say we just about managed it.

Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam is a really lovely location for portrait photography, situated in the heart of Cheshire in the pretty village of Lymm, it’s easy to get to. We set off on our trek around the dam itself, taking in a few stop off such as the Wishing Bridge. There are lots of these little features that make Lymm Dam quite unique for family photography. They all add to the backdrop of the dam itself.

Will it or won’t it rain?

We all started wearing waterproofs but mine soon came off as even though it was overcast, it is still summer and was quite mild. Wellies and walking boots were a good choice though as the paths were quite muddy in places. Cheshire had seen quite a bit of rain the week before.

They do say never work with children and animals but the more the merrier I say. Big groups like this can be easier to work with than smaller groups as anyone who is a little camera shy can easily gain confidence from their family and it shows in the photos.