Family shoot at Delamere Forest

delamere forest photo shoot in cheshire

Gorgeous family, fantastic forest and a little bit of sun to boot. What more could you ask for in a Cheshire family photoshoot on a Sunday Autumn afternoon?

Wellies at the ready

I spent an hour with sisters Claire & Vicki and their lovely kids. We set off from the car park and walked well off the beaten track in Delamere Forest in the heart of Cheshire. It’s one of the nicest places in the area for this type of photo shoot and being a photographer based in Cheshire I jump at the chance to return here. As the seasons change so does the forest. At this time of year the leaves have changed to yellow, the sun is low in the sky which gives a gorgeous golden glow to the photos so what more could you ask for?

A walk in the park

As usual, this type of shoot is about the family and the connection you have together. As somebody said to me this week, it’s a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. It certainly is, just doing your stuff, with me tagging along to capture it all on film (or memory card!).

Get those winter woollies out

After an hour the little legs were starting to get tired so we made our back to the finishing point (the car park again). But as you can see from the photos, we absolutely nailed it.  Take a look at my favourites from the day and if you’d like something similar with your family, then just get in touch. This time of year really suite this type of shoot. The woolly hats and bright coloured wellies really stand out and make the photos pop. See for yourself!

Family shoot at Delamere ForestFamily shoot at Delamere ForestFamily shoot at Delamere ForestFamily shoot at Delamere ForestFamily shoot at Delamere Forest