Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography | Claire & DrewCastlefield Rooms Wedding Photography

What a day! This place is easily in my top list of favourite venues to photograph a wedding at. So when Claire & Drew asked me to be their Castlefield Rooms wedding photographer I was over the moon. I’ve done plenty of shoots around the Castlefield area so had a good idea where the best photo opportunities were so we could get the images Claire and Drew wanted.

They’d chosen St Winifred’s church in Heaton Moor, Stockport for the ceremony, as it was close to their home. St Winifred’s was a lovely church to shoot in, big light and airy and a fair bit of room outside for the obligatory group photos afterwards. But, as we were heading to Castlefield for the reception, there would be more fantastic opportunities for photos at The Castlefield Rooms.


If you are thinking of having your wedding at the Castlefield Rooms, don’t hesitate just do it. With exposed beams, a huge outdoor private balcony for you and your guests, the hustle and bustle of Dukes 92 below and the amazing backdrop of Castlefield to use for photos. It really is one of the best places to to have a city centre wedding.

With all these photo opportunities ahead, I met up with Claire at her house in Stockport for the bridal preps. A gorgeous classic MK2 Jaguar took her and the bridal party to the church. It was quite a sight seeing that old Jag driving down the cobbles on Castle Street with Beetham Tower in the background.


After a few drinks and nibbles, Claire, Drew and myself had a quick wander around Castlefield to catch the last of the evening winter sun. The Castlefield area, which was the site of the Roman fort of Mamucium which gave its name to Manchester. Mamucium was garrisoned by auxiliary soldiers and guarded the road running from Chester to York. A civilian settlement made up of traders and the families of the soldiers, grew outside the fort and was an area of industrial activity. Excavations have demonstrated that the fort had three main phases of construction: one in 79 AD, the second in 160 AD, and the third in 200 AD. The first phase of the fort was built from turf and timber. Mamucium was designed to be garrisoned by a cohort, about 500 infantry. No Roman soldiers around now though just a few well wishes from people enjoying the area.

After the speeches and cake cutting, Claire and Drew took to the dance floor in style for the first dance. It was an amazing day with everything going just to plan. I loved providing Claire and Drew’s Castlefield Rooms wedding photography.

If you’re going to have a city centre wedding, then take a look at this, as it doesn’t get much better. Claire & Drew, you absolutely smashed it.


Castlefield Rooms wedding photographyCastlefield Rooms wedding photography

Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography

Castlefield Rooms wedding photographyCastlefield Rooms Wedding Photography 178

Castlefield Rooms wedding photography Wedding Photography by Autumn Stone Photography

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