A Wedding Photographers Job after Covid-19

A Wedding Photographers Job

I’ve had some interesting conversions over the last few weeks about how A Wedding Photographers Job might change after Covd-19. As I write this, all weddings in England are at a standstill. Everybody, including a lot of my wedding couples, have had to reschedule their big days, most plumping for next year when we all hope things might be getting back to normal.

I do though, still have a quite a lot of wedding photography still booked for this year from August onwards. So how will things look if we are allowed to go ahead with these? Of course social distancing is going to be with us for the foreseeable future so it’s inevitable change has to happen as the wedding industry as the world begins to open up again after the lockdown.

Social distancing

Social distancing could also throw a spanner in the works for the preparations photography before the wedding. This is one of my favourite parts of the day but there’s no chance of distancing yourself from a bride, five bridesmaids and the mother of the bride when you are all cooped up in a small hotel room. Solutions could include choosing a larger space, such as your home and only allowing smaller numbers in at any one time to give the make up artist and hairdresser time to work on smaller numbers of people.

Obviously, there’s no guidance on how things will be yet but there could be changes to the wedding ceremony such as limits on the amount of people being able to attend. Just before the lockdown started, the Church of England set a limit of five people and that included the Vicar, the couple and two witnesses. From a wedding photography point of view, that leaves me out of this part of the day but it could be possible to set up a camera on tripod and work this remotely from outside. It’s certainly something to think about.

manchester hair and makup

No social distancing problems for me when I photographed Rhonelle getting ready in this huge suite for her wedding at The Doubletree Hilton in Manchester.

Health and Safety

Most weddings will have elderly relatives present so how can you keep your loved ones safe? Think hand sanitiser and masks. Think about asking all wedding suppliers to wear masks, most responsible wedding venues will have hand washing facilities for guests to use regularly. Maybe have lots of hand sanitiser and wipes available for your guests to use as well.

Guest List

I think it’s inevitable that weddings will become more intimate, whether that’s due to Government guidelines or couples wanting to reduce the impact of their wedding day. Couples may just invite close family and their closest friends. A small guest list doesn’t mean any less of a celebration though. Less people means you’ll have a bigger budget, which means you can spend more on items like food, a free bar or a live band.

Outdoor Weddings

The scientists tell us that the risk of infection dramatically decreases when we are outside. Weddings are the perfect celebration for the great outdoors but don’t forget the brollies just in case.

Windy Harbour Wedding Photographer

Loads of outdoor space when I photographed this wedding at Windy Harbour in Glossop for Claire & Michael

Wedding Breakfast

Serve plated meals to your guests and maybe think about ditching the buffet in the evening. Food trucks can help with this and most venues will have enough outside space to accommodate one.

Cherry Orchard Lake Wedding

Pie Eyed serve the most amazing pies, all from this little converted horse box. I took this wedding photo at Cherry Orchard Lake in Cheshire. This could be the the perfect substitute for the buffet.

A Different Type of Wedding Could be Upon Us


As weddings become more and more expensive, it’s no surprise why many couples are choosing to elope. Pinterest reported a 128 per cent increase in searches for elopement photography. An elopement wedding takes the pressure of planning a huge wedding. It’s centered around the couple only and consists of the ceremony and then maybe jetting off on honeymoon. Great for wedding photography too, I’ll be there for the ceremony and then for the couple shoot afterwards.

Micro Weddings

A micro wedding has less than 20 guests and is for those who love the idea of a really intimate wedding with just very close family. These weddings are just about the ceremony and possibly a nice meal afterwards in your favourite restaurant. I have photographed many micro weddings but can see them becoming even more popular.

Midweek Weddings

Couples planning their weddings for 2021 are now competing with the 2020 couples who are rescheduling their dates. Many busy wedding venues are already full for key dates in 2021, so for those couples determined to get married in 2021, a midweek wedding could be for you. It’ll save you money too as most venues are cheaper midweek .

Shift Weddings

If you don’t want a small wedding and don’t want to cut down your guest list, how about the shift wedding? You’ll keep your original wedding date and venue but your guests will come in shifts, which means the total number of people attending at any one time will keep to social distancing rules. Between shifts, the venue will sanitise the room. If you have relatives who are wary of big groups, they could come for the first shift, possibly the ceremony. Different shifts could include the ceremony, reception drinks, wedding breakfast and then the evening reception.

Multiday Weddings

Multiday weddings include celebrating over more then one day, such as the wedding day with the wedding breakfast the next day and then the party on the final day. Your guest list can be structured so groups don’t overlap but you still get to celebrate with your full guest list.

Wedding Photography

Smaller weddings mean wedding photography will become more important than ever. It could mean the difference between your guests seeing you get get married or not. Although I have four packages on offer, I am flexible and able to work with you and your requirements for whatever type of wedding you are planning. Why not get in touch and we can have a chat about your plans and I’ll send you a wedding photography quote.

So, while A Wedding Photographers Job might look a little different from now on, what won’t change is the love, the joy and all of the festivities that go with any wedding.


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