Once you wedding day is over, your photographs are one of the most important ways in which you can keep your memories alive. When choosing your photographer, it’s very important that you see a good range of their work and that you feel comfortable and relaxed with them. Make sure you see sample photographs showing indoor and outdoor settings to show a range of different lighting conditions.

There are many types of wedding photography styles and but I am going to look at the main three. I am often asked which style of photography I provide when I shoot a wedding and depending on the situation and clients wishes, I try to incorporate a combination of these styles.


If you look back at wedding albums from 20 years ago or older, you will find nearly all the shots are set up by the photographer. These photographs do tend to look quite similar, but there’s nothing wrong with that and they provide actual record of the wedding day.


This style of photography is very popular at the moment, the photographer will mingle with the guests and carry out no posed or set up shots. It’s a very natural type of photography capturing moments as they happen. 

This style is also becoming very popular and tries to emulate the style seen in bridal magazines. They will be staged shots using natural or artificial lighting. The focus is predominately on the bride and groom.