Wedding Guide: Bridal preparations

Wedding Guide: Bridal preparations

Welcome to the first of some, hopefully, useful information about what happens behind the scenes on your wedding day. First up are the bridal preparations. From a wedding photographer’s point of view, I love this part of the day. I can experiment with different angles, different viewpoints and get a little arty with a lot of the shots, which I love.

Location, location, location

Most bridal preparations take place in the hotel room. It can get pretty cramped in there quite quickly though, not only are the bride and her bridesmaids there but also the flower girls, hair and make up artist, me the photographer, sometimes a videographer plus countless visits from the bride’s mum, dad and siblings. Add to that the florist popping in with the bouquets and not to forget the registrar as well.

In summer, in a small hotel room it can get very hot, so when picking your room make sure there are plenty of windows which open to let some fresh air in and make sure you have plenty of water on tap to keep you hydrated.

The photos below show Laura and her girls getting ready for her Whitley Hall Hotel wedding.

Next up is Vicki and Joe’s fab wedding at the Marriott Worsley Park.

brides make upbride opening presentsbride reading card

Coming in a close second to the hotel room is home. Many brides are now getting ready at home before the car comes along to whisk them off to the wedding ceremony. The advantages of getting ready at home are of course the cost savings plus the amount of space available for everybody to get ready. Disadvantages are the logistics of actually getting to the ceremony, especially if it is quite a distance from the house.

No problems with space here at Faye’s house though, this is her and the girls just before the car arrived to take them to The Plough Inn in Cheshire.

bride looking in mirrorchild looking in mirrorchild having hair donebridal hairbrides hairbridal partybridesmaid looking onbride cookingbridal party chatting

This is Debra and her entourage preparing for her wedding at Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire, there were a lot of people here and the garage had to be used as a make shift beauty parlour.

Kerry opted to use her parent’s house for the task and what a choice, plenty of space and light here.

It was the same story for Kelly before her Cherry Orchard Farm wedding, but her excuse was that she lived in London so her mum’s house in Cheshire was the perfect choice.

Claire wanted to keep everything local, she’s a Stockport girl and everyone she hired for her wedding (including me) was in or came from Stockport bar the venue which was in Manchester. It was The Castlefield Rooms though, so we’ll let her off with that one.

It’s all about the light

A good make up artist will know all about light and to get the best view of you and the girls, they will position you facing the light, usually a nice bright window. This also ensures you will get the most out of your bridal preparation photos too, as photography is all about the direction of light too.

Got a conservatory? Well even better, make sure your make up artist sets up in there. Unfortunately not all MUA’s (make up artists) know about light, so if they sit you facing away from a window, it might be a good idea to give them the heads up and then sit facing the window light.

brides hair

bride having make up applied

bridal make up

Not forgetting the little details that mean so much

The dress hanging up, those Jimmy Choo’s you’ve been saving up for the last 20 years and not forgetting the bracelet or necklace that was once worn by your Grandma on her wedding day. That’s what makes the bridal preparations so special.

jimmy choobouquet



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