Taxi Ride

This is my shot of the week is of Abbie & Stacey who had their civil partnership at Manchester Register Office last year. After the ceremony we wandered over to Albert Square and used the step in front of the Town Hall to take a few group photos.

The next plan was to go Rain Bar for the reception, I’d parked my car near the Rain Bar and Abbie invited into the taxi to us there. Abbie and Stacey got in first, followed by Stacey’s mum, then it was my turn to climb in. I thought at the time this would make a good photo so I kept my camera out and waited.

Abbie tried to explain to the driver where we wanted to go, but his English wasn’t very good and he didn’t seem to know Rain Bar. Abbie did her best at trying to translate and everyone just burst out laughing and click, this shot was in the bag. They both loved the shot and it made it into the album.

These situations can result in some of the best shots, I never think “well there’s not a lot going on here so I’ll put my camera away”, some of my best wedding photography work has been taken during these periods. Most couples I photograph say they don’t like posed photos, but most couples do need some guidance to get the best out of them. I will semi pose you and then interact or encourage you to interact with each other to get a natural look. If you’d like photography like this, then please get in touch.

Taxi Ride