Well this one had it all, a quirky family, a 60th birthday, a little boy called Spike, rain, tree hugging and me ending up flat on my back and nearly dislocating my hip. Tracy and her family contacted me a while ago about photographing them when they were staying in the area to celebrate her mum’s birthday. They were staying in a cottage in Rushton Spencer for the weekend and we met up in West Park, Macclesfield for the shoot. The weather was supposed to be dry but in typical fashion as soon as I got my camera out the drizzle started, but fair play to them all, the wellies were on, the brollies came out, my camera cover came out and we all soldiered on. Luckily the rain passed over after around 30 minutes and it became brighter so the waterproofs and woolly hats could finally come off.

We finished off at the play ground and little Spike was loving his time on the slides and rope nets and that’s where my little mishap happened. I climbed up  a wooden ramp to get a shot of him but I slipped back down and not wanting to let go of my camera, ended up flat on my back. I’d like to say I go to all lengths to get the shot but I only ended up with a photo of the sky, luckily my camera remained unscathed which is more than can be said of my hip, the day after I could hardly walk but don’t panic Autumn Stone fans, I’m now on the road to full recovery, that’ll teach me for climbing on children’s play grounds at my age.
Here’s a few shots from the day, hope you like them.