Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photography In Cheshire

Wow, just wow, this was an absolute epic wedding. Debra and Phil pulled off what must have been one of the best weddings Nunsmere Hall has ever seen. It was actually my first outing as a Nunsmere Hall wedding photographer and my day started at 8.30am at the Stay City Aparthotel in Ancoats, Manchester where Phil and the boys had stayed overnight. I then drove the short trip to where Debra was getting ready in Salford. It was a party atmosphere here, with the girls loosening up their vocal chords ready for the night yet to come.

It took around an hour to drive into Cheshire and arrive at Nunsmere Hall, the ceremony was booked for 2pm but keeping up with tradition, Debra and the girls were slightly late! The ceremony was beautiful and had lots of African wedding traditions thrown in. Afterwards we headed outside into the stunning gardens for some photos. Just as we were about to wrap up, the sun went in and the drizzle started.

After the wedding breakfast and speeches it was party time and these people were here to enjoy themselves. The last time I photographed an African wedding, it was half African, half Irish and the dancing and party took more influence from the Irish side. This one was different. Even the staff were stood watching and admiring the fancy footwork taking place on the dance floor. You couldn’t take your eyes off it. At least two dozen people stood around in a circle and then each had a turn in the middle to do their stuff. Some of the moves were mesmerising.

Phil had to make an announcement to ask everybody to leave the marque at 12pm, you’d think most of the dancers would be glad of the rest, not this bunch, they just didn’t want to stop. It was time for me to finish though and I left just after 12 but will take away some memories that will stay with me forever. There’s a painting of Margaret Thatcher in the lounge of Nunsmere Hall, she stayed here after being ousted as PM, I’d love to have seen her reaction to this. Big thanks go to Steven and Claire at Forever Film Videography.

So, here are two of the best people I have had the privilege of photographing. Debra & Phil, this is your day….

Nunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyGroomsmen on phonesgrooms cufflinksNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyNunsmere Hall Wedding PhotographyIf you are looking for Nunsmere Hall wedding photography or any other venue in Cheshire or Manchester, then why not find out more about me and my wedding photography just get in touch for some more details. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, take a look at some other of my Cheshire weddings below.