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manchester wedding photographer

This blog is very different to my usual offerings and although included, Manchester wedding photographer report is a little misleading. It’s actually a UK wide report on the 2018 weddings as a whole. The data comes from Bridebook, which is one of the biggest and most popular online wedding planning sites in the UK. A little plug for myself here too, I’m actually a platinum rated photographer on Bridebook. You can read my Bridebook profile here.

Anyway, on to the report itself. It offers insights into various aspects of UK weddings from planning to venue and supplier decision-making, to the wedding day itself.

manchester wedding photographerWedding facts and figures

The average UK wedding spend has remained relatively flat year over year at £17,674, however a London wedding costs at least a third more at £24,039.

Grooms now contribute 35% of wedding costs. Three quarters of grooms are heavily involved in planning, taking part or owning decision-making in many different categories.

Couples are using phones daily for planning, primarily venue and supplier research. Reviews, recommendations from websites and venue’s social media are gaining prominence as trusted information sources.

Unique features are making headway in weddings. One quarter of weddings last more than 1 day, half take place on non-Saturdays, and new trends are emerging like midnight snacks, mobile vans and candy carts/tables.

Couples care most about a venue’s visual appeal, price and service. The most popular venue types are
country / manor houses and barns, and couples continue to move towards hosting ceremonies at the
reception venue versus places of worship.

Almost all couples engage in DIY for many aspects of weddings, mainly table seating arrangements, invitations and decor, as well as homemade wedding cakes and their own music playlists.

Wedding Dates

August remains the most popular month with 21% weddings. Two thirds (63%) took place in the warmer June through September time frame. 47% of weddings were held on a day other than Saturday (up from 44% the previous year).

Popular Wedding Dates of 2018

The first 2 weekends of August hold the top two most popular wedding dates, while the top 20 dates span Saturdays throughout Summer and Spring. The Royal Wedding date of the 19th of May was the 16th most popular wedding date of 2018.

Wedding Regions

21% of weddings take place in South East England while 14% take place in South West England. Together these two southern regions account for 35% of all UK weddings.

Wedding Ceremony Location

67% wedding ceremonies now take place at the wedding reception venue, up 7% from the previous year. Wedding ceremonies at a place of worship has been declining steadily dropping from 29% in 2017 to 23% in 2019.

Average Numbers of Invited Wedding Guests

The average number of Evening Guests jumped from 80 in the previous year to 90 in 2018. The average number of guests remained relatively flat for wedding ceremony (79) and wedding
breakfast (76).

Wedding Guest Count Ranges

95% of wedding receptions have 120 or fewer guests invited to the wedding breakfast. A quarter of weddings (28%) had between 61-80 guests.

Couples Age

The average engaged bride is 32.8 years old at her wedding, and her partner is about 2 years older at 34.7 years old. The majority of couples are between the ages of 25-33.

Length of Engagement

A quarter (24%) of engagements last longer than 24 months, compared to only 19% in 2017. Most wedding engagements last 18 months or less.


One quarter (26%) of couples take their honeymoon in Europe, followed by the UK (15%), and USA (11%). The UK and Maldives both rose in popularity, (up 3% from the previous year), while the Far East dropped from 7% to 3% from the previous year. On average, couples spend £4,875 on their honeymoons, but the cheapest destination is the UK, where couples spend only £2,485.

Wedding Colours

44% of weddings include Pinks in their colour themes. Blue is the next most commonly utilised colour,
appearing in 34% of weddings. As you can imagine though, white/ivory is still the favourite with 59%.

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Importance of Reviews and Recommendations

62% of couples valued Reviews as most important, surpassing recommendations by friends and family. 30% of couples also now find recommendations from an online website to be most important. Half (54%) of couples read up to 6 reviews, and 29% read 10 or more reviews before booking suppliers. You can read my wedding reviews and recommendations here.

Who’s Involved in Planning

Three quarters of respondents (76%) claim their partner is heavily involved in wedding planning. Besides the partner, the women of the friend/family network are most involved.

Average Wedding Spend

The average wedding spend across the UK is £17,674. This figure is relatively flat compared to the previous year (down just £239 from £17,913). London remains the most expensive region in which to get married, with weddings averaging £24,039.

When Couples Book Their Venue

53% of couples booked their wedding venues within the first four months of getting engaged.

Important Venue Characteristics

57% of couples find beautiful grounds the most important venue characteristic, with other visual features such as interior (51%), exterior (44%) ranking highly as well. Couples also care about price (50%) and helpfulness of staff (45%).

Venue Type

A quarter (26%) of UK weddings take place in a Country / Manor House and 17% in Barns. Garden / Outdoor venues increased from 5% to 8% from the previous year. Venue costs at Castles, Country / Manor Houses and Stately Homes are £1,000 or more compared to other venue types.

Lancashire wedding photographer

Wedding Photography

61% of couples hired a professional photographer. The most popular photography package inclusions were a USB stick (47%) and online gallery of photos (37%). As you can see from the graph above, wedding photography in North West as a whole has an average price of £1143 and as a wedding photographer in Manchester and after doing my own research, Manchester photographers are just slightly higher. Interestingly, in London that average price for photography goes up to £1596, so those southern couples looking to make a saving, it could pay dividends to hire your photographer from the North West and take them down south for the day.

Food Options & Wedding Cake

63% of couples have a seated meal for their wedding catering. Interestingly, 14% of weddings include a midnight snack and 7% offer mobile food vans. Almost half (45%) of couples have multi-tiered cakes and 28% serve edible favours.

Important Wedding Dress Characteristics

For brides, fit (59%) and style (57%) are the most important features of a wedding dress. Interestingly, the service of the salesperson (32%) is just as important as cost (32%).

Lancashire wedding photographer

Entertainment Options

While 50% of couples opt for a reception DJ, 36% of couples are using playlists. Couples often mix music options, with 78% including more than 1 music entertainment option. 29% of couples had photo booths at their wedding.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this Bridebook article and in case you wondering where the information came from, more than 2,000 respondents completed a survey which was issued to recently married couples who voted in The Wedding Industry Awards 2019.

Respondent Mix

90% Bride
8% Groom
2% One of same sex married couple

If you are still looking for a wedding photographer in Manchester or the North West then why not get in touch and check if I am available on your wedding date?