Cheshire Family Photographer

cheshire family photographer

Laura had bought one of my very popular gift vouchers as a Mother’s Day present for her mum. The gift vouchers also make great birthday or Christmas presents, click the Cheshire family photographer page to find out how to order one. Anyway, plug over and let me introduce you to Hilary and her family. We decided to meet up at Dunham Massey. This place is one of my favourite locations for lifestyle photography. There’s so much here, from the rugged parkland, old rustic buildings to the formal gardens.

Dunham Massey and the great outdoors

We met at 12pm and as it was a such a nice day, I think most of Cheshire had also had the same idea. It didn’t matter though, the park is so big there’s always an area to use to get away from the masses. We started our walk down the first of the main three paths, taking the opportunity to use the pond as our back drop on the way. Next stop was the deer house, I’ve never seen the deer in here, until today that was. A huge male with enormous antlers was taking a break inside. I didn’t get too close but still managed to get the shots I wanted.

Little Joe was on great form and loved climbing on the felled tree trunks as we made our way through the park but he did start to flag a little on the way back. Taking on the central path towards the house, a bribe of ice cream saw Joe get his second wind as we carried on the with the photos. Finally we made it back to the grand hall where we’d started and I think I’d call it a  great success. Check out the photos for yourself below.

Cheshire lifestyle photography

Remember, if you’d like a photo shoot like this one and are looking for a Cheshire family photographer, then why not get in touch. Take your family out in the open air, in the countryside or the city, it doesn’t matter. Just get in touch to arrange your date.