Cheshire family photographer – Lyme Park photo shoot with Louise & George

cheshire family photographer - lyme park photo shoot

Louise and her son George wanted a very informal lifestyle shoot. White backgrounds, cheesy smiles and poses in the studio were not for these two. As a Cheshire family photographer, I suggested this Lyme Park photo shoot. Lyme is a stunning location and as Louise is an accomplished landscape photographer herself it made the perfect setting to blend the stunning landscape with a family photo session.

The plan was to meet up an hour before sunset to capture in the photos what is known as the golden hour. This is the time when the photos take on a magical golden glow but for this to work you need a nice clear bright day. As I was driving to Lyme, the sun was out and shining brightly, but as soon as I parked the car in typical fashion the clouds popped up and spoiled our idea.

It didn’t really matter though as we ended up with most of the park to ourselves. Nearly all of the visitors had gone home as we set off on our walk from the car park to The Cage. High up above whole of the Stockport, the views are stunning across Manchester and beyond.

Red deer at Lyme Park

Just as I was telling Louise that Lyme had a huge herd of red deer but I’d never actually seen them on a photo shoot, the biggest herd of red deer ran right through our path around 40 feet in front of us. Louise and George set off after them, I set off after Louise and George and the photos from that 2 minutes are fantastic.

Lifestyle Photography in Cheshire

After reaching The Cage, it was time for the long descent, little George lost his footing quite a few times but still had a huge smile on his face and didn’t let it stop him. After a game of tug ‘o’ war with a huge branch, George took a trip on his mum’s shoulders before we encountered the deer yet again. They were very timid and wouldn’t let us get too close though but once again we ended up with some fab shots.

If you’re looking for a Cheshire family photographer to take your family on a similar adventure at Lyme Park or any other National Trust location, why not find out more about how it all works. I hope to see you soon.